Our first collaboration with Bangkok kitchen (Day 1)

Our first collaboration with Bangkok kitchen (Day 1)

We recently found ourselves back in Thailand revitalising the taste buds and traveling around looking for new dishes ingredients and techniques. Our travels began this time with a collaboration cooking session with Bangkok kitchen restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand. We were in search of food of new flavours and latest development in Thai gastronomy, and BKK kitchen is very well known to Bangkokians for that. Their food concept closely resembles what is known as original Thai food invention and helps to put together some of the Thai food history jigsaw. Our first collaboration started with Beef cheeks Massaman curry “แกงมัสมั่นแก้มวัว” which was made with unusual ingredients (some even cannot be found in the UK). The result was magnificent, a rich and well-balanced Massaman curry as well as perfectly-braised beef cheeks. It was exactly what Massaman is all about – balanced flavours of salty (from fish sauce), sweet (from palm sugar) and sour (from Tamarind puree). Next on this session was Southern Chicken Green curry “แกงเขียวหวานใต้” which used the recipe from the Southern part of Thailand. Most dishes from Southern part of Thailand are very spicy and so does this dish. We used the original ingredients sourced from the South to make the curry paste before cooking it with coconut cream, just like we do in at Thai Table. The big difference here was the southern Thai bird eye chilli which was stingingly spicy. The result was staggering (as well as the heat level). Its sweet and salty flavours combined with the unique ingredients took the usual Thai green curry in to a different level. Finally, our friends at Bangkok kitchen showcased us with the unique ingredients as well as their kitchen. We will share each other recipes going forward so we can bring the unique, sophisticated and modern Thai dishes to Thai Table here in the UK. IMG_6190



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