Environmentally friendly packaging is the key

Packaging plays an important role in protecting products and reducing food waste. Packaging waste, particularly plastic, can be a significant environmental problem when not reused or recycled. That’s why we are committed to creating a system where packaging is treated as a valuable resource that can be used, re-used, collected and recycled in a closed loop.

1. We are phasing in bio-degradable packaging on all of our takeaways. This includes takeaway containers, takeaway bags and cutleries. 

2. On certain dishes which are difficult to comply with the bio-degradable takeaway boxes such as curry dishes (where it’s possible to have leakage), we are using recyclable containers.  

3. We are happy to recycle those used recyclable containers for our customers. We have a recycling service with local authorities and private companies which handle our commercial recycle materials. Please feel free to drop used containers to our restaurants or pass them to our drivers when you received your new order  

We believe that together we can play our parts in delivering a sustainable environment and every little effort we take, we can make a difference. We thank you again for your support

From us all at Thai Table restaurants