17 May Re-opening: following the latest government’s guidance, all guests are required to wear a  a face mask in our restaurants at all times except whilst seated. The maximum number of dining group is limit to 6 people or one other household. Customers will also be required to download the NHS Covid19 app and scan the unique QR code displayed in each restaurant for Track & Trace.

As a restaurant, hygiene standards are always of central importance and we have an exemplary 5 star hygiene rating at all of our restaurants. Nevertheless, we have introduced a number of additional measures , and we are going above and beyond all government recommendations. We have also received an AA Covid-secure accredition which further certifies our safety procedures in place. We take your safety and our staff safety seriously and we wanted to share with you some of our additional procedures in place at Thai table.

  • We are taking temperature checks of all staff upon arrival for each shift. Anyone with a raised temperature will be required to leave and monitor symptoms immediately. 
  • We have removed 30% of seats at this stage. All of our tables have a minimum of 1 metre distance to the nearest table and have custom made polycarbonate screens separating them.
  • We are using face masks, and staff have been trained in their proper use.
  • We have medical grade antiviral wipes on hand and are wiping down trays, PDQs and door handles at regular, monitored intervals. 
  • We are now using premium easy-clean laminated menu with QR codes for our food and drink menus
  • We are working on self-ordering system via your smartphone as recommended by HM government. This system should be in place at the beginning of August. For the time being, we kindly ask customers to pre-order your drinks and meals

Kitchen procedure

Our kitchen enforces strict hygiene and safety measures that include the wearing of masks, gloves, and supervision by an in-house food safety expert. We operate the highest standards of cleanliness, using commercial-grade sanitisers and disinfectant, and have increased the frequency of our cleaning routines. Listed below are some examples of our high-standard practices in place

  • Staff are required to wash their hands with commercial-grade antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. They are also provided with hand sanitising 75% alcohol gels individually to sanitise their hands as an alternative.
  • We have reduced the number of staff working in the kitchen to enable social distancing
  • We have significantly increased our surface and equipment cleaning frequency using commercial-grade, fast-acting, anti-virus andfood-safe cleaners
  • All kitchen staff don’t share kitchen equipment or stationery between each other
  • Our kitchen equipment are cleaned with commercial-grade dishwasher which rinses at more than 75 degrees celcius – proven to eliminate any germs
  • All kitchen uniforms are only worn in the restaurant. They are all washed and sanitised with commercial-grade antibacterial detergent

Front of house procedure

  • Wash their hands as frequently as possible (at least every 30 minutes) and dry their hands with disposable towel
  • Clean and sanitise surfaces and all touchpoints at an increased-frequency schedule
  • Clean card machine with commercial-grade anti-virus wipes before and after it’s been used
  • Wear surgical-grade masks and disposable gloves. For staff who need to interface with visitors/ customers directly, they are required to wear face shields
  • Our floors are cleaned with steamed mob at 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, we also use commercial-grade disinfectant to clean our floor
  • At the moment we leave our entrance open free so there’s no contact points. The new ionised handles proven to eliminate germs are also installed

Delivery drivers

Our delivery drivers are instructed to

  • Wash their hands and dry their hands with disposable towel before and after shift 
  • Sanitise their hands with alcohol gel before and after delivering food to customers
  • Operate “Contact Free” approach which means our driver will leave your order on your front door or porch and stay behind for at least 3 metres apart

Our drivers are provided with surgical-grade masks and disposable gloves. 

Please help us by

  • Whenever possible, please pay in advance either by ordering on our online ordering website or by card over the phone
  • We have alcohol gel (with a minimum of 75% content, as recommended by WHO) available to sanitise your hands. Please sanitise your hands when you come to collect your orders at our restaurants.
  • For collection order, we stagger the collection time so please collect your order at the time given to you. This is to reduce contact time spent in our restaurants.
  • You can now pay with contactless up to £45. This includes MasterCard, Visa card and Apple Pay
  • We allow only 1 (one) customer inside our restaurant to collect so if you see a customer inside, please wait outside 

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your support during this difficult time. It really means the world to us all at Thai table restaurants.